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Why First Aid Staffing, Inc.? Our job is to make your employment experience convenient and a job that you tell all your friends and coworkers about. We are here to assist you with any work dilemmas that you have encountered with facilities and offices in the past. We are available to assist you at all times and our user friendly website can be a great resource for you. Want to e-mail your availability or do you have questions about your paycheck? Just e-mail us 24 hours a day and get the answers you need! Our application process will be completely online. We make everything simple for you to get started. Apply Now

First Aid Staffing, Inc. carefully profiles every healthcare facility and doctor’s offices we service so that your special skill set and training will be used to your best advantage. That doesn’t just mean greater client satisfaction, it also means that you will be happy and looking forward to work everyday. And, at the same time, you can broaden your career through a wide choice of work settings that offer a variety of healthcare experiences.

First Aid Staffing, Inc. opportunities include Full-Time positions, Full-Time Per Diem positions, 13 to 26 week contracts, or Per Diem. Just let us know what your needs are for working, and we can help you. We have no requirements on how much or how little you must work with us. It’s a good feeling to know that you will earn extra money with First Aid Staffing, Inc. Our highly paid compensation is paid on a daily to weekly basis. You will never wait for your paycheck again.

Requirements for Employees

The following is needed for you to become an employee with First Aid Staffing, Inc.

1. Completion of Application

2. Verification of Licensure, certification or registration

3. Review of two professional references

4. Review of resume and prior work experience

5. Completion of Self-Assessment skill checklist

6. Administration and Completion of all professional related exams

7. Presentation of CPR, ACLS, and any other certification

8. Completion of orientation process

9. Signed Policies and Procedures