First Aid Staffing, Inc. is here to assist you with any staffing dilemmas that you may run into everyday. Are you looking for a Full Time employee? Are you looking for Per Diem employees, or just someone to fill in when an employee goes on vacation or maternity leave? First Aid Staffing, Inc. employees are the top quality professionals.

Will staff relief be as competent and qualified as permanent staff?

Yes. All of First Aid Staffing, Inc. employees are carefully tested, evaluated and reference-checked to assure you competent qualified personnel. We also go the extra step to investigate malpractice insurance claims against every First Aid Staffing, Inc. employee.

How can I be assured that staff relief will be suited to my specific needs?

With First Aid Staffing, Inc., our policy is to assess your facility very carefully to find out your staff requirements, procedures, hours, peak staffing needs, services and many other pertinent information to make the perfect match. We always screen every employee with the hospital or doctor’s office standards in mind to make the perfect match. This means that you will always get the perfect match to your specifications.

Does First Aid Staffing, Inc. employees cost more than permanent staff?

NOT AT ALL. In fact, using temporary personnel can be an extremely cost-saving decision. With First Aid Staffing, Inc. you will pay only a simple flat rate. We absorb all costs of recruitment, training, and major benefits such as social security, workers’ compensation, professional and liability insurance, and vacation and holiday pay. You’ll save in overtime costs as well. Using First Aid Staffing, Inc. will save your facility both time and money.

Can First Aid Staffing, Inc. help meet your facility or doctor’s office staffing needs?

The shortage of skilled, experienced medical professionals is a major problem facing most healthcare facilities. At First Aid Staffing, Inc. we have an attractive program for our professionals, and we constantly strive to increase our incentives to attract and retain the highest quality personnel available. This enables us to increase the number of qualified personnel available to fill your temporary staffing needs.

Can First Aid Staffing, Inc. help with long-term relief scheduling?

OF COURSE. When you know in advance what your staff vacancies are going to be during vacations, holidays, or peak seasons, First Aid Staffing, Inc. will help you work our a staffing master plan. We have the professionals you require to bring your staff up to optimum capacity when and as you need them.

OUR GUARANTEE: First Aid Staffing, Inc. stands behind every professional that we send out. And because we are so confident of the competence and reliability of First Aid Staffing, Inc. professionals we will offer you this guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our employees, call us within 24 hours of the completion of their shift and you will not be charged for that day the employee worked for you, but of course we will always pay our employee. This is just another reason why First Aid Staffing, Inc. would like to do business with you. Contact us today.